Read our Nanoleaf Canvas review. It comes baked into every iPhone and iPad the electronics giant sells. Cygett Expands Smart Home Sensor and Lock Lineup, New M2 HomeKit hub, switches, locks, camera and other new devices are available from Aqara, Ikea Symfonisk Airplay 2 Speaker Available in stores and online, The EufyCam 2 Pro, compatible with Anker’s HomeKit, is now available from Apple, Eero Secure updates add data monitoring, advanced filters and more. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The hub works like a bouncer for your home's Wi-Fi network. It's counterintuitive, maybe, but Philips Hue is best when you skip the colors and focus on the Hue White bulbs, which put out smart, dimmable light at a yellowy 2,700 K. That's because the best thing about Hue bulbs isn't the colors at all, but rather, the strength of their best-in-class platform, which works with everything, pairs extremely well with Apple HomeKit and comes packed with useful features. Ready to build a smart home run by Siri? Its 2K video recording in particular separates it from those competing models. Of these, we like Ecobee's thermostats the best. Bonus points for the optional Nanoleaf Remote, a 12-sided, motion-sensitive dodecahedron that you can use to trigger Nanoleaf scenes or HomeKit automations just by rotating different sides to the top. Have Siri control your home with these smart home products that work with Apple HomeKit. Level Touch. There's a growing list of options, but we're here to help you narrow it down to the best HomeKit devices for your smart home. To take advantage, you'll need to get a Philips Hue starter kit that comes with the essential Hue Bridge -- and the two-bulb Hue White starter kit, currently available on Amazon for $67, is an affordable way in. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a capable, easy-to-install smart lock and the winner of our CNET Editors' Choice Award. The long-awaited HomePod Mini bridges a strange gap between smart speakers, costing $99 like the Nest Audio and Amazon Echo, but in a small package like the cheaper Nest Mini and Echo Dot. Looking to control your lights or thermostat with voice control? Completely invisible: Level Lock; Keyless entry: Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock; Sleek, smart, and secure: Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt; Discreet convenience: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock; Cost effective: Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Read more: 6 coolest smart home devices you didn't know existed. Check out the color-changing Sylvania Smart Plus LED, which you can currently get for less than $30 on Amazon. It is important to take security features seriously. When you try to control a smart lock from Apple's Home app while you're at work, for instance, the hub's job is to check your ID before letting you in. As for Apple's assistant Siri, it'll be happy to lock the door, dim the lights, adjust the air conditioning, run a smart home scene or whatever else you demand of your fancy, voice-activated abode. It is available in three finishes. On top of that, Lifx bulbs use a Wi-Fi connection to communicate, so they don't need a hub. This technology keeps you alert about your home’s security. You see, HomeKit is Apple's platform for smart home products. Read our Apple HomePod Mini review. The WeMo app isn't our favorite app, and you won't get energy monitoring with the WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug. That's a long-winded way of saying these are really, really good smart light switches. August makes many locks in this category, but their Smart lock Pro is by far the best for many different reasons. No problem. Easy peasy. This keypad smart lock allows for quick exit or entry without needing to carry keys (or even a smartphone). Nevertheless, I am a big fan because you do not need a Z-wave or Zigbee hub or a Wi-Fi module to connect this door lock to your smart home. These modules cost $ 50 each. HomeKit is Apple's home automation platform, and it lets you control compatible light bulbs, smart plugs, thermostats, cameras, smoke detectors, door locks, and more with a tap of your iPhone or with your voice.Better still, it does so in a way that ensures privacy and security for your network and your home. Choosing the best smart lock for your home depends on several things. The Best Smart Locks for 2021 Keys are so 20th century. Those shortfalls aside, this smart plug's space-saving design and solid HomeKit compatibility make it easy to recommend to users in Apple's ecosystem. Read our full review of the August smart lock. This $ 279 smart door lock has the same look as previous Yale models, but is not as good at home automation. Of all the gadgets for the smart home, smart locks are among the best solutions to the problem of daily trouble. At $25, the WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug is affordable and comes with native Google Assistant, Alexa and yes, HomeKit compatibility. 5 years ago, I thought the Apple Watch was very 'meh.' Read our full review of Yale's Assure SL touchscreen deadbolt. It works with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa for voice commands and smart home integration. Your guide to buying the right smart lock. As a result of these concerns, I sat on the HomeKit lock sidelines for a long time. The Lock: August Smart Lock Pro At well over $200, this is an expensive smart lock — but it’s the best one out there. Here are our top picks for a Siri and HomeKit-controlled abode. Apple doesn't offer a stand-alone HomeKit hub, but instead forces you to choose between three high-priced Apple gadgets that do the job: the HomePod smart speaker, a third-gen-or-better Apple TV or a dedicated, always-on iPad. It also offers wide compatibility with other smart-home devices. The real question is which of these smart home devices are worth the cash -- because a lot of them don't come cheap. It is flexible, useful and very innovative in design. Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt: Schlage's $ 175 Smart Sense Lock is affordable, but it's hard to install and as easy to install as its Encode brother. Bonus shoutout to the Lifx Z light strip, which can put out multiple colors at once. Forget your keys? Homekit. $200 at Best Buy The best smart lock for HomeKit. Do you love writing reviews for smart home devices and other IoT? CNET may receive a commission of retail sales offers. Its switches have a good set of features and work with everything, they support three-way setups and they look appropriately distinctive without being gaudy. If you are interested, please send us a message using our site’s Contact section. The HomePod Mini can serve as the output for your Apple TV, and you can pair two HomePod Minis for stereo. You can pair Apple HomeKit devices with your iPhone as soon as you set them up, but if you want to control products when you're away from home, you'll need a HomeKit hub. Here are our top picks for Apple HomeKit products, all based on years of tests in the CNET Smart Home, which we update periodically. Matte black HomeKit smart lock coming soon As CES kicks off this week, we’ve learned that the latest finish for Level Touch – matte black – will launch sometime in February 2021. While you can find it on sale, the $300 Apple HomePod is still too expensive for what it is. Do not worry. You can use the mobile app or the key ring for keyless entry. Use a PIN code for any voice unlocking and make sure to give only access codes to open the door to trusted people. $199.95 They aren't for everyone, but if you're putting together a flashy-looking game room or decorating a kids room, perhaps, then consider Nanoleaf's color-changing LED wall panels. You've got several options that work with HomeKit, but our favorite by far is the Lutron Caseta In-Wall Dimmer Switch. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a multifaceted smart lock that lets you unlock your door with a fingerprint scan, a mobile app, a keypad, a voice command, or even a traditional key. August Smart Lock with the installation of Connect works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be remotely controlled via the August mobile application. The best smart lock for HomeKit: Yale Assure SL; The best smart lock for Alexa: Schlage Encode; The best smart lock for Airbnb: Lockly Vision; The best smart lock for … Smart Lock Pro is a powerful, easy-to-install smart lock and the winner of our CNET Editors Choice Award. The Yale SL Touch Screen Deadbolt features a sleek, small design with a touch screen keypad that fits almost any door. The Premis lets you enter your home using keys, a … Along with a wide variety of light switches, the Caseta platform also offers specialty switches for things like ceiling fans and Sonos speakers, as well as luxurious Serena smart shades. You will not get HomeKit compatibility, and you are limited to 100 user codes. Best Smart Lock for Apple HomeKit. You can handle all this […] For others, it is essential to have a door lock that can be changed and not replace the deadbolt of the door. Even better, HomeKit integration is a breeze -- download Apple's free Home app, pair it with your HomeKit-compatible devices and presto: an Apple smart home you can control with a few taps or with a Siri voice command. Best HomeKit Accessories iMore 2021. is in no manner afflicted or supported by Apple Inc. or any Apple-related subsidiary firms.All pictures, videos and logos are the copyright of the corresponding rights holders and this website does not claim ownership or copyright of the aforementioned. At $179, it doesn't come cheap, but none of these HomeKit hubs do. The $ 249 Schlage Encode is not everything. Read our WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug review. Of all the gadgets for the smart home, smart locks are among the best solutions to the problem of daily trouble. The smart lock market has a large range of options and configurations to choose from ranging from door fit and installation to making sure it works well with other smart home devices and your phone. Any data on the products mentioned on this site is collected in good faith. In our search for the best smart lock, here are some of the other products we've tested: Nest Yale Lock: Nest and Yale teamed up for a smart lock centered on Google. The new HomeKit-enabled August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a reliable and secure way to protect your home and fixes near all of the grievances from previous designs. Need to unlock the door to let in a friend or service provider? Read more: The complete guide to Philips Hue lights. The panels use Wi-Fi to connect with your router (and with HomeKit), so they don't need a hub. Read more: The best smart thermostats of 2021. BLOG is an Amazon affiliate partner. If you're the proud owner of an Apple device, it's time to start looking at a HomeKit accessory or five. The Phillips Hue lighting system is still the best smart light system. This keypad lock allows for a quick exit or entry without the need to carry keys or even a smartphone and offers wide compatibility with other smart-home … Eufy's Indoor Cam 2K is one of the first products to work with HomeKit Secure Video. No problem. That's the right price for HomeKit-compatible climate control. Features like Intercom and Handoff make living with the Mini a little bit more fun. Once the Wi-Fi module is set up, you'll get Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, as well as remote access to your lock when you're not at home. You configure your smart lock for an intrusion? Best Apple HomeKit accessories 2020: Great iOS and macOS-compatible gear for your smart home You may not realise it, but Apple's been making big strides with HomeKit, its smart … Ultimately, though, my curiosity got the best of me. This smaller, more affordable Apple smart speaker sounds great. Need to unlock the door to let in a friend or service provider? I mentioned that this lock is the best in its class, meaning it is the best of all the locks that are installed on the inside of the door rather than the outside.