Welcome to Owens Chimney Covers. Everything is made custom to order. Brown Sloped Base With Flat Lid #61. We hand make these custom toppers and they can vary in size. This keeps your chimney free from obstructions like dried nests, dried leaves and twigs and paper, obstructions that could catch a spark and cause a chimney fire. They also prevent obstruction from bird nests, branches, leaves, and animals. Our chimney products have a lifetime replacement warranty. A leak can cause rusty appliances, weakened mortar and an unstable chimney structure. Our company has the correct equipment to install chimney caps on absolutely any type of chimney. If you have a uniquely shaped chimney, own an older home, or simply want a more distinctive look for your roofline, Olde Towne Chimney & Fireplace Sales can create a custom chimney cap for you! Find the perfect Multi-Flue Chimney Cap at Woodland Direct. What Should I Do? Certified Chimney Solutions. Patriot Chimneys provides custom handcrafted Chimney Caps that not only help protect your Home and Chimney but are also made to provide an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your homes Chimney. Custom chimney caps are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes that can be adapted to fit your chimney perfectly while complementing the style of your home. We are here to help! These chimney caps cover the whole chimney, and therefore one or multi flues. Most chimney sweep companies won't install chimney caps on chimneys they classify as too tall, too small, or too wide, not Master Services! Today, Sota Metal Fabrication LLC produces top quality outside mount caps and other protective chimney products in our ChimGuard line of custom metal products. We make octagonal, rectangular, or even rounded topped chimney caps that will add style and flair to the look of your home. Commerce. There’s many working parts that must be in good condition so that you have a safe and efficient burning fire. Top 2 Things You Can do to Reduce the Chance of a Chimney Fire. Backed by UL listings and a ten year guarantee, our beautiful chimney caps are designed to last a lifetime. These caps are all custom made here in the USA. Custom-made chimney caps & shrouds available. Style #1 Chimney Cap Style #1 chimney cap is made for masonry chimney crowns including stone castable chimney crowns. We fabricate over 100 unique designs and we can make your custom designs come alive as well. For instance, you want to make sure that you have a chimney liner that is free from cracks and crevices, one that fits properly and that allows for the smoke to flow smoothly through on its way out of your house. Custom Chimney capshttp://www.beachsheetmetal.comfrom IMG 4746 MOV Once you’ve determined what you need, simply click one of the buttons below to get started. When you’re working with Owens Chimney Systems, you’re in luck! There are different types of chimney caps that we can supply as well. We have several cap options for multiple different types of chimneys. We design our custom chimney caps to provide the ultimate protection for your chimney. They both sit at the top of the chimney and they both keep water out of your chimney. Chimcare Chimney Caps specializes in providing Custom Copper Chimney Caps. How … Custom Chimney Caps. Learn More About. Copper Sloped Base With Hip Lid #59. This caps are guaranteed for a lifetime. Swept Away Chimney also offers a large variety of specialized chimney caps such as clay pots, copper chimney caps, draft inducing caps, and decorative chimney caps that are customized just for our customers. Each cap comes with a Lifetime Warranty and are built to withstand very high wind conditions. When you call the professionals at Owens Chimney Systems, we’ll come in and inspect all areas of your chimney structure, but especially be on the lookout for leaks. Custom Orders Chimney Caps Wildlife Protection Weather Protection. Welcome to Owens Chimney Covers. Seal off the top of your chimney with a great investment in a manufactured chimney cap. After extensive research and redesigning, we have come up with the ultimate chimney protection! That’s about where the similarities end. But there’s another thing that we’ll take a close look at when we do your annual inspection, and that’s your chimney cap. Not every chimney has a chimney cap, but it’s highly recommended that you add one if your chimney doesn’t. When I bought my house I needed a few updates to my chimney cap. People often get the chimney cap and the chimney crown mixed up. The chimney cap looks like a little room with a roof that is situated over the opening of your chimney. There are multiple lid choices available to compliment your home and design style. http://www.beachsheetmetal.com/products-Chimney-Caps.html Custom chimney caps made of sheet metal including copper Debris: Build-up of dirt, leaves, and other debris, from the outside is largely thwarted by a chimney cap, which is extremely dangerous. The products you sell to your clients are a reflection of you and your business — make sure you’re leaving your clients with the best chimney caps and chase covers money can buy. Outside Mount Chimney Cap With French Curves and Standing Seams #57. We use both 16 oz and 20 oz copper to clad over the stainless steel structure. Since every chimney is unique, every cap we make is custom measured and made just for your chimney. We think you’ll be amazed at all the great products we design and manufacture for the best-functioning chimney you’ve ever seen. Welcome! We make single flue chimney caps that are traditional or more modern looking. (978) 489-5100 (978) 489-5100. All of our products are American made, crafted of high-quality stainless steel and copper, and built to last, season after season. The stainless steel caps can also be custom painted any color. Custom Chimney Caps. The flashing needs to be rip-free, rust-free and nailed tightly down in the right pattern so that precipitation can’t get in. | Designed by Spark Marketer. Service. The chimney crown must be made from mortar or stone for a terra cotta, brick lined, or castable chimney flue. The base of this cap is normally open, to accept one or multiple flues easily, but it can be customized to be completely closed off, except to allow flues (like a chase cover), allowing for maximum protection when needed. Whether you have draft issues, or are at risk of infestation, they can craft a custom cap to your chimney’s exact … A pitched "roof" on the top of your cap ensures that water will not collect on top of it, preventing rain and other precipitation entering your home through your chimney. You specify the lid overhang. We fabricate and install custom made chimney caps in our local sheet metal shop. Custom Chimney Caps. It has a sloped roof that directs the rain to the chimney crown and then off the roof. With Custom Top Mount Chimney Caps you have the opportunity to cover the entire chimney or just the flues. Custom Outside Mount Chimney Caps. Marketing. Our caps are made of 24g stainless steel or 16oz copper (or higher) and will not rust. Each of these first fifty caps had to be shipped from out of state, so Steve decided it was time to start sheet metal manufacturing on his own. If we notice cracks or weakened areas in your crown, your flashing, or especially your chimney cap, we’ll fix you up in a hurry. Water: Chimney caps prevent water from getting into the chimney and your home. At Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal in Lafayette, our custom-designed chimney caps are an investment that can save you trouble and expenses in the long run. Any form of water (rain or snow) can damage your chimney or home, as well as cause more ‘soot’ to build-up within the chimney. There’s Smoke Coming From the Fireplace! At Owens Chimney Systems, we will make sure to look over all these areas and more. If your looking for quality wind resistant chimney caps than these are the ones for you. Unify marketing, sales, service, commerce, and installation teams in one place. Custom Chimney Caps. Local Company. by James Owens | Feb 29, 2020 | Chimney Caps. But in truth, there’s much more to a fireplace and chimney system than just that. It also has metal grated sides so that smoke from your fire can get out but that also keeps animals and birds and other debris out of your chimney. All chimney caps, pans, or shrouds from Swept Away Chimney, LLC are custom fabricated for a perfect chimney fit, made of galvanized metal, and carry a 15-year guarantee. Shop now or call 800.919.1904! Chimney King has been the leading manufacturer of custom chimney shrouds since 1992. All in One CRM. There are removable lids that are available with 3/4″ or 5/8″ screen mesh. It is usually made of cement. Dec 29, 2015 - Custom Chimney Caps. The chimney cap, on the other hand, isn’t built on to your chimney but is an added on piece that works to keep precipitation out of the chimney. They can be made with any ornate designs or materials you choose, and since they’re completely custom-crafted, they’ll fit your chimney like a glove. Give us a call today and set up an appointment for us to inspect and clean your chimney! We make single flue chimney caps that are traditional or more modern looking. McKinney Metal Fabrication mission is to provide our customers surrounding the North Texas area with outstanding, one of a kind services by providing a wide range of custom-made, high quality metal products and services, including Breaking, Chimney Caps, Custom Sheering, Drip … This is understandable. Just construct brick and mortar and a firebox and you have a fireplace. You think that your chimney is pretty straight forward. The premier manufacturer of chimney caps We supply chimney sweep companies, fireplace construction and maintenance professionals and mason contractors with premium quality chimney caps. The key here is the crown must seal to the flue. This is a general category of chimney caps, but there are companies out there that can custom fit a cap to your chimney. Call us today for a free estimate. We like to refer to it as guarding your chimney. See our extensive inventory below. It is sloped so that precipitation runs down towards the roof instead of down into your chimney. Every chimney shroud, cap, or top below is custom made to order per your measurements and / or design changes. Manage customer support across every channel with the #1 Chimney service platform. Copper Chimney Caps give that “antiqued” look that is so popular. Chimneys & Water Issues: 3 Things to Look Out For, The 3 Things to Consider When Needing a Sweeping or Inspection. Call 800.919.1904 today! When it comes to chimney caps, we can find a cap or make a cap that fits exactly what you’re looking for, both in style and in quality. Coopertown Services builds and installs custom chimney caps that are specially designed and built for your home, chimney and taste. See more ideas about chimney cap, custom build, chimney design. Custom Pot Toppers. They were able to come very quickly and take care of it. Stainless Steel Corbeled Base With Basic Lid #58. I've since called on them for a chimney cleaning and again, quick scheduling... - Mike Hendrickson. If you need a new chimney cap, call us at 901-358-7777 or click here! Chimney caps are designed to cover chimney tops for complete leak and rain protection. We’re a one-stop shop for contractors and chimney sweeps who are looking for the very best stock and custom chimney caps, chase covers, pot toppers, and shrouds at wholesale prices. Your chimney crown needs to be crack free so that water is directed away from the chimney opening and especially away from the base of the chimney. We create customized caps which can fit your style and enhance the exterior of your house. Corner reinforcements are also available. There are extensive options to customize your cap in terms of color and design style. Custom Chimney Caps in Lafayette. There are top mount chimney caps, custom made outside mount chimney caps, and custom pot toppers. Call 503-364-4318. Custom Outside Mount Chimney Caps also give you the capacity to hide ugly brickwork or poorly constructed crowns. We have served this area faithfully, creating some of the best and most inventive chimney covers for a long list of happy customers, and will continue as your local chimney cap company. The custom caps provide maximum protection for your chimney from rain, wind and other elements that could let water inside your chimney. Mortar needs to be strong and crumble free. Chimney caps, custom chimneys. These items also serve as a nice decorative addition to any roof / chimney and are normally fabricated with copper, stainless steel, lead coated copper, pre-patina copper and freedom gray. A custom chimney cap differs from standard chimney caps in that it is specifically created for and fitted to your chimney. All custom-made chimney caps … HOME; PRODUCTS. We’re a one-stop shop for contractors and chimney sweeps who are looking for the very best stock and custom chimney caps, chase covers, pot toppers, and shrouds at wholesale prices. Chimney caps are made of sturdy metal and include a screen to keep out animals and birds as well as a stout, angled lid to deflect water away from the chimney. Custom chimney caps; Chimney Cap Replacement Solutions. The chimney crown is the built-on piece that sits at the very top of the chimney. Bowling Roofings talented crew can fabricate chimney caps in any shape, size and in many different types of metals including 24 gauge pre-painted metal, copper or stainless steel. Chimney Caps are custom made parts used to keep chimneys from snow, rain, small animals and bugs. These are just a few of the areas that are important to look at when you’re having your chimney cleaned and inspected. Owens Chimney Covers is waiting for your call now. Know your customer, personalize and engage across every interaction. Chimney caps provide the protection your chimney needs. Available in a variety of styles and stock & custom sizes. Quick Links Custom Top Mounts Custom Outside Mounts Stock Top Mounts Single Flue Stack Caps Pot Toppers Custom Shrouds Chase Covers Specialty Caps. © Owen's Chimney Covers, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proudly serving Salem, OR. If you call us because you think that your chimney is leaking, one of the first things we’ll check out is your chimney cap. Something we can custom cut here, or that can be custom cut on site. Then there’s the dampers, which need to be rust-free and tightly fitted so that they can perform the job of either keeping cold air out of your chimney when it’s cold outside and your fireplace isn’t being used or allowing smoke to flow out of the chimney when you are using your fireplace. Leaks are not good for your chimney. Designed to your specifications! Expert chimney professionals can come to your house, inspect your fireplace, and determine what it needs to work the best. Chimney Caps Expert have made custom chimney chase covers for the homes and businesses in this area for over 25 years. High Quality Custom Stainless Steel High Wind Chimney Caps. Quality chimney caps are generally made of copper or stainless steel to ensure that the chimney is sealed properly. Quote, Invoice, and Build custom caps with the #1 Chimney Cap Quoter. FLUE CAPS; MONSOON CAPS; WIND DIRECTIONAL CAPS; DAMPER CAPS; RAIN CAPS; MISCELLANEOUS; CHASE COVERS; GALLERY; CONTACT; 844-358-3227. We custom make our own chimney caps, so whatever it is that you’re looking for in regards to chimney styles, we can get it for you. Custom-made chimney caps. The caps are made with copper cladded over stainless steel for ultimate durability. Custom Outside Mount Chimney Caps also give you the capacity to hide ugly brickwork or poorly constructed crowns. Buy products online or call us at 800-366-8677. We make our chimney caps out of stainless steel or copper, and we make many different styles to fit any style of house or chimney. Its the chimcare way! If your chimney cap is twisted and out of place, if it’s rusted through in spots, then it’s probable that we’ll recommend you have your chimney cap replaced. All Custom Chimney Caps can be made with stainless steel or copper. Black Corbeled Base With Hip & Ridge Lid #60. We have taken a somewhat new creation in our industry to a whole new level. Custom Chimney Tops Chimney Caps Installed Design and Install Fireplace Covers Chimney Cap Styles in Atlanta Our Service Area. The caps are cut from 24 gauge sheet metal flats and are assembled, riveted and soldered together. Shop single & multi-flue chimney caps, decorative chimney shrouds, dampers, covers & more! We make our chimney caps out of stainless steel or copper, and we make many different styles to fit any style of house or chimney.