Normal business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. We service various industries including automotive, metalworking, manufacturing, and other markets. Drum (55 Gallons) should be taken to a local recycling facility. If you need to have waste oil … Find your GFL location. J.J. Richards Total Waste Management Service incorporates the used oil collection and recycling service, along with allied workshop services (parts washers, oily rags, filters and coolants etc.) Just like a dinner plate or a pair of shoes, used oil can be cleaned and used again and again and again. The used cooking oil from the restaurants are recycled into different products such as: bio diesel, soap, perfume, animal feed, paint, etc.. and set up a tote service. Therefore, note that all waste grease collected are recycled into renewable goods. All types of used and waste oil are acceptable, from motor oil and ATF fluids, to emulsified cutting oil, hydraulic oil and gear lube. Used Oil Pickup in Denver, CO. Denver Oil is a used oil and antifreeze recycling company based in Denver, Colorado. Used Oil Collection Mid States Oil Refining Co. is in the business of collecting and recycling used oil and hydraulic fluids. And once cleaned, Mid States Oil Refining properly transports your waste for recycling. Mid States Oil Refining is available to remove your used motor oil and other service products such as wastewater, sludge, and oily water from pits, separators, trenches, floor drains and tanks. Denver Oil is glad to help you with all of your used oil needs. Universal Environmental Services is the leading used oil collector and processing company in the southeastern United States. Call today for more information! Used Oil, Waste Oil, Diesel, Coolant, Used Oil Filters. Atlantic Industrial Services, Inc. operates 4,000 gallon pump trucks used for picking up used oil. Inserted into a petroleum refinery—Used Oil is introduced … The used oil recycling services that we provide are highly dependable, customer-focused, and locally operated. OSI recycles the following list of materials: Oil filters; Absorbent media; Antifreeze We do… for free! The quality and purity of oil will typically determine the product it will be used for. In 2007, H&H Oil was purchased by Vertex Holdings, LP, a growing environmental recovery and recycling operation with connections to the Cedar Marine Terminal in Baytown, Texas. All it takes is one simple drop-off at one of our Return Collection Facilities. If you are a generator of used oil and antifreeze materials, in quantities more than a do-it-yourselfer, please make arrangements directly with one of the Collectors listed in your zone, above. Clean Green Environmental provides waste oil pick up & recovery services all over NC. Used Oil Pickup in San Antonio on You will receive top-dollar for your used cooking oil! Recycle West combines 40 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the right solution for your environmental needs. We can pick up, transport and recycle your waste oil, oil filters, antifreeze, and used absorbents. Even just a ¼-gallon of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. In this market, many companies are charging a lot of money for used oil pickup. Service in Florida. and management of other hydrocarbon wastes like oily water, oily sludge and blackjack grease. All of the oil is tested on … Company Name Phone Number Address County Types Collected Auto Zone #1701 901-495-7217 11620 State Rt. Used Oil Pickup in Indianapolis on Who picks up used oil? Steps to changing your motor oil for recycling. Collecting and processing more than 200 million gallons of oil per year, Safety-Kleen is the largest re-refiner of used oil in North America. Hazardous Waste Experts can assist your organization in the identification, segregation, storage, transportation, and disposal of used oil. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Oils-Used & Waste in Indianapolis, IN. We are a commercial service provider and use large trucks to collect used oil, antifreeze, etc. *561 Give us a call at 316-452-5145. Dedicated to a Cleaner Manitoba Notre Dame Used Oil has operated out of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba, for the last 10 years. Used Oil Pickup in Denver, CO Serving Commerce City, CO and Surrounding Areas. In business since 2007, with over 13 years of industry experience, Brazil Oil Recovery,Inc. Used oil is a hazardous waste that should never be put in the garbage or dumped in the storm drains or ground. Our #1 mission is to help our customers build a cleaner future one gallon at a time. Covering 21 states and with a growing fleet of more than 150 service and transport trucks, UES collects more than 50 million gallons of used motor oil as well as used industrial oil annually. Drain motor oil into a drain pan. The EPA recognizes oil as hazardous waste , and as a result, there are exceptionally strict cradle-to-grave liabilities put in place to ensure the proper handling and disposal of used oil. Collection, Recycling, Disposal. Used oil pickup versus burning used oil If your business regularly generates used oil, you know all too well the risk that’s carried with it. Please call us directly for spills, overflow, and emergency pickups 24/7. We work with you to safely collect and recycle many kinds of used oil products. Sun Coast also purchases and retrieves fluids that have been collected from end-of-life vehicles. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the state of Arkansas. If you wish to be added to the list, please refer to DERR instructions to register for a used oil collection center. Mesa Environmental collects used oil from underground or above-ground storage tanks as well as 55 gallon drums. While this form of recycling might not restore the oil to its original condition, it does prolong its life. Our 2,000 gallon pump trucks pickup from your container. Why recycle used oil? These instructions can also be obtained by calling (614) 644-2924. Parts cleaners Used antifreeze collection Premium lacquer thinner pickup/delivery Used oil tank purchases. Plus buy New Antifreeze in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Canon City, and added new places daily. In most cases, anything less than one U.S. Jebro is your one-stop-shop for used oil collection and recycling in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Along with used oil, we recycle additional business materials. Used oil can be: Reconditioned on site—Impurities are removed from the used oil, which is then reused. Our trained service representatives are quick, clean, and courteous, and they will accommodate your schedule for pickups. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Oils-Used & Waste in San Antonio, TX. USED OIL PICKUP and RECYCLING in ALBERTA, MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN and ONTARIO. Licensed through ADEQ, Brazil Oil Recovery,Inc. We have made it our mission to provide Manitobans with a quick, easy way to recycle their used oil, oil filters, oil containers, waste batteries, and antifreeze. This overview states the date of the pickup, the amount that was collected, and the amount that you were paid. Clean Harbors and its subsidiary, Safety-Kleen, offer a full range of used oil products collection and recycling services. RS USED OIL SERVICES, INC. (913) 279-0000 3353 Harvester Rd., Kansas City, Kansas 66115 , USA Visit Website Map & Directions If you are a business, institution, or government agency that has used oil that you want to have disposed, call us at (888) 681-8923. Preventing Costly Damages USED OIL PICKUP Oil is a waste very difficult to dispose of. offers same or next service pickup. Arkansas Oil Recovery LLC is EPA Certified and Insured. What if I have a large quantity of used oil material to be picked up?. Our used oil recycling services and management program includes analytical testing, manifesting, and tracking from the point of pickup to its recycling. For more information on our used oil disposal services: Direct: 713-336-4561 800-677-FUEL (3835) Ext. BCUOMA does not schedule pick-ups on behalf of our Registered Collectors. is a family-owned and operated oil recovery service. Through our strategically located network of facilities across Canada and 27 states in the US, GFL has capabilities that can be … Used Oil Management H&H Oil is a Texas based environmental service provider founded in 1986 by three brothers, Harold, Don, and Calvin Heine. USDOT 2509510. Our closed-loop system begins with oil collection from thousands of locations across the country. We’ll determine if your amount qualifies for pickup and help you find an appropriate facility if not. Make the most out of every drop with our used oil and fuel retrieval services. To schedule a used oil pick-up please click the link below. Since 1990 Fauste Oil has continuously evolved and remained on the cutting edge of petroleum energy recovery. We are dedicated to superior customer service and to the protection of our environment for future generations. Disposing of used oil doesn't have to be difficult. Fauste Oil Services offers FREE used oil pickup! All used oil collected by AIS is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner that is consistent with both EPA and Virginia DEQ rules and regulations. Our tank trucks are large enough to haul nearly 3,000 gallons of used oil, yet small enough to meet the needs of a variety of customers and locations. The material that we collect on a daily basis is delivered to our facilities where it is tested and segregated depending upon quality. * Please note that we do not dispose of household/residential used oil. Our proactive servicing approach is designed to maximize your efficiency. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando. Recycle used oil, recycle used antifreeze or recycle used filters. 41, West Union, OH 45693 Adams Do-It-Yourselfers Specials: Used Oil Pick Up flat price for all of it! To remove, transport, and handle used oil you… Read More Used Oil Pickup Lorco collects used oil and other petroleum related wastes with our Maryland state-of-the-art collection fleet. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict requirements for how and where used oil can be deposited. Making A Difference Recycles Products and Sells New Products. Call 919-596-3500