Analysis and synthesis methods -hybrid techniques - optimization -, electrical machine design - general procedure - simple design programs. Intel Architecture Software Developer’s Manual- Volume 1, Basic Architecture. 4 bit adder/ subtractor and BCD adder using IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent. Computing and Communications Resources. and vacuum insulation for high voltage applications: M.S. Study of single phase Transistorized inverter. SIMULINK: Simulation and control of real time systems using SIMULINK, 9. Length contraction. diode- inverter operation-continuous and discontinuous current mode of operation. 4. Structured data types, Functions - storage classes – recursive functions. %�쏢 components - sequence impedances and sequence networks of generators, transformers and transmission lines. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulics machines – R.K.Rajput, 8. NOTE: For the university examination the student shall be examined in sections A, B, C, D and E only. Wednesday, August 20, 2008. ISO 14000 series- Total Quality Management, Six sigma concept –quality circles-Quality Information systems, Introduction to Marketing and its Environment -Marketing concept, market Segmentation methods- Marketing, Project management- Phases-Planning using PERT and CPM (concepts only), 1 M. Mahajan, Industrial engineering and Production management, Dhanpat Rai&Co. Self-excited induction, Synchronous induction motor - circle diagram - Single-phase induction motor - double field revolving theory -. Double refraction. Speed torque. Classification based on temperature, breakdown in solid dielectrics, intrinsic breakdown, electro-mechanical breakdown - breakdown by treeing and tracking. SCR circuits for phase controlled rectification – single phase half wave and full wave converters – Semiconverter, and full converter with R, RL and RLE loads – output voltage expression – effect of free wheeling. Flooring: Types - mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and synthetic materials. Acivities of Industrial engineering –techniques, of industrial engineering - Industrial engineering in service sector. National Electric Code, Bureau of Indian Standards publications, 1986. 1. systems - dot and cross product - vector field. (0471) 2305994, Enquiry No. Recent trends (only brief description expected): Fuel cell, hydrogen energy, alcohol energy, nuclear fusion, 1. 7 Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Banerjee, "Solid State Electronic Devices", Pearson Education. T. E. Graedel, Braden Allenby, “Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering”, Perason Education India, 2. 4. Decision making – if and switch case. Mass less particle. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions of 4, Basic Concepts in Power Systems- Power in single phase AC circuits –Complex Power- Power triangle-Power, Per unit quantities- single phase and three phase- selection of base quantities - advantages of per unit system –. Renewable energy - power for sustainable future - Edited by Godfrey Boyle, Oxford University Press. common live line maintenance - Tools for live line maintenance. Managing Global Systems, Kenneth C. Laudon “Management Information Systems : Managing the Digital Firm, 10/e” Pearson, Raymond McLeod, George Schell , “Management Information Systems, 10/e”, SADAGOPAN S. “MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS” Prentice hall India, KELKAR, S. A. Part B is for 60 marks. Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems- Radius of Gyration- moment of inertia of composite areas. One dimensional waves – Differential Equation. 1. Naidu and V. Kamaraju, Tata McGraw-Hill. 3. There will be two questions (20 marks each) from each module out of which one, from each module is to be answered. Jean-Jacques E. Slotine & Weiping Li, ‘, 10. Characteristics of JFET (Draw the equivalent circuit). Part-B is to cover 3 modules for 60 marks. applications of CRO - determination of frequency and phase angle - double beam CRO. Compressive strength -IS Specifications. Chandrasekharan Nair. high pass, band pass and band elimination filters - design of constant k and m derived filters. 1. -Combined motion of translation and rotation-instantaneous centre, motion of link. Thermal breakdown, electro-chemical, breakdown, cavity breakdown, internal partial discharges - a b c equivalent circuit, degradation of capacitor, insulation by partial discharges. Multilevel Decomposition –, Number of levels – Wavelet reconstruction – Reconstruction filter- Reconstructing Approximations and details-, Typical Applications - image compression - EZW algorithm - audio compression - signal denoising - edge. rotor machines - armature reaction - synchronous impedance. Uncertainty principle. Dewan S.B, G.R. Concept of, displacement current. 5. phase to single phase and three phase to three phase cycloconverters. Applications of cycloconverters . Computer based simulation. Basic Operational concepts - Von-Neumann architecture, Bus structure - monobus and multibus structures, PCI. 1. Liapunov Stabilitydefinition. installations. 3.T.J.E.Miller, ‘Brushless PM and Reluctance Motor Drives’.C.Larendon Press,Oxford. Windings – no. (30 marks). 8. symmetry power amplifiers - Distortion in amplifiers - causes and effect (analysis not required). Publications, 1995. - Manufacture of Portland cement- Theory of setting and hardening of cement. 08.506 (Elective – I) (a) COMPUTER ORGANISATION, Discovery - Early history - Meissner Effect - Superconductor as a Thermodynamic phase - Perfect, Diamagnetism- Super currents - penetration depth - Magnetic Phase Diagram - Critical field and Critical, temperature - Type I and Type II Superconductors - Flux Quantization - Josephson Effects and Tunnelling -, SQUID- superconductivity and super fluidity- superconducting materials at Liquid Helium Temperatures- High-, Cuprates - General features of Cuprate superconductors - Copper-free oxide superconductors - Preparation of, Normal (Metallic) state of Cuprate superconductors - Electronic structure of Cuprates - Relevant orbitals and a, two-band model -Phonon mechanism - spin fluctuations - Excitonic Mechanisms - Interlayer Tunnelling - Lowtemperature, (Liquid He) superconductors - High temperature superconductors - pressure induced structural, changes in superconducting compounds - The classical superconductors - BSCCO2223 - Thin film, superconductors - 1-2-3 superconductor - Thallium, barium, calcium, copper and oxygen compound - Hg-Ba-, 3-D images Derived magnetic resonance images - Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storages (SMES) -, Actively shielded transportable SMES Systems - High temperature superconductors and their potential for, utility applications - Design of air-core superconducting power transformer-cable transmission system - High, temperature superconducting magnetic motor - Superconducting power generation - Power systems of the future, - Superfast magnetically levitated train-Superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID)–, Supercomputers -Superconductors in defence application - Advantages of HTSC - ore refining (magnetic, separators) - Magnetic shielding - Large Physics machines (colliders, fusion confinement) – semiconductor -, superconductor hybrids (A-D converters) -Active Superconducting elements (FETs) – Optoelectronics -. 2. Study of Power devices- SCR, TRIAC, Power MOSFET, IGBT, etc. Analog cellular telephone: Basic concept, block diagram of analog cellular tranceiver. electronic energy meter. 3. instructions, floating point instructions, system instruction, string operations, segment register instruction. 7. of stability- asymptotic stability and instability - Liapunov methods to linear and nonlinear systems. Ned Mohan Tore M Undeland, William P Robbins., “Power Electronics, Converters, Application and. Posted by sajinnarayanan. Ned Mohan , Tore M Undeland, William P Robbins, “Power electronics converters, applications and, 7. 1. I/O - devices - device controllers - principles of I/O software - I/O software layers - Disks - formatting, disk arm. Mithani-Money, Banking, International Trade and Public Finance, 5. 304 NETWORK ANALYSIS AND SYNTHESIS (E), Review of BJT configurations - CB, CC and CE. Network analysis, project scheduling by PERT – CPM, Arrow head representation, calculation of critical path. 8. Direct Energy Conversions - George Sutton - McGraw Hill Publications. H. Bishop, “Modern Control Systems”, Pearson Education, New Delhi – 11. Spread spectrum communication - direct sequence or pseudo noise, frequency hopping, time hopping, hybrid, and chirp spread spectrum systems - comparison of modulation methods - generation and detection of spread, Need for computer communication - basic principles of computer communication networks - data, communication protocols - (elementary treatment of) open systems interconnection (OSI) protocol - multiple. Generation of, Definition of impulse current waveform - Circuit for producing impulse current, voltages and their significance. MG Say, “Performance and design of AC machines”, Pitman & ELBS, 2. Stator voltage and frequency control(v/f). Roy Choudhury.”Linear Integrated Circuits”, New Age International Publishers. F. Wollenburg, “Power Generation, Operation & Control”, John Wiley, 6. Computer stimulation – superposition of waves. TECH. Review of properties of materials used in electrical machines. statically induced and dynamically induced emf - self and mutual induction - inductance. - Air pollution- CFCs and ozone depletion- Alternative refrigerents-, Green house effect-Water pollution- BOD and COD- Waste water treatment- Aerobic - Anaerobic and USAB, Basic principles involved in Thermo gravimetry, Differential thermal analysis, - Molecular energy levels-Types of molecular spectra- Electronic spectra (Classification of. 3. Arithmetic operations in binary and BCD-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Information Systems for Competitive Advantage. Power devices – V – I, characteristics and applications of SCR and Triac Working principle of UPS and SMPS. and solid spheres (no derivations required)Angular momentum-Angular impulse. Note :The semester assignment is a mini project which consists of the preparation of a software project, 1. Projections of points and lines. 2. 1. Demonstration on forging of square prism, hexagonal bolt, T bolt and Eye bolt. Principle of operation and configuration of Thyristor. answered from module III.. Each answer carries 20 marks. Optical resonant cavity. H. Taub and D. Schilling, "Digital Integrated Electronics", McGraw Hill. Super conductivity - Meissner effect. 8 Bogart: "Electronic Devices and Circuits", Universal Book Stall, of 4 marks each). Perceptrons and the LMS Algorithm, Limitations of the Perceptron Model.– Backpropagation Mutilayer, Perceptrons – Radial Basis Function Networks – Unsupervised Learning Neural Networks – Competitive, Learning Networks – Kohonen Self-Organizing Networks. Katsuhiko Ogata, “Modern Control Engineering”, Fourth edition, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2002. Speed control of dc motors - field control - armature control. registers - left shift register - Universal shift register - applications of shift registers - Counters - ripple counter, synchronous counter, modulo N counter – ring counter – Johnson counter, up-down counter- - state diagrams –, Timer circuits: 555 Timer - astable multivibrator and monostable multivibrator circuits, Programmable Logic, Devices: Description of PLA, PAL and FPGA . E. Regis, Nano. Elastomers- structure of natural rubber- vulcanisation- synthetic rubbers (Buna-S, Butyl rubber and. direct-form, cascade-form, parallel form, lattice and transposed structures and linear Phase FIR filters. Of test systems with buses not exceeding 6 numbers. S. Wilsky and Lan T Young, “Signals ans Systems”, 2, Emmanuel Ifeachor and Barrie Jervis, “Digital Signal Processing”, 2. Masonry - stone masonry, brick masonry –Types- desirable qualities of stone and brick. margin - phase margin - stability analysis using bode plot. - Coductometric and Potentiometric titrations. JFET small signal analysis of common source and common drain, amplifiers. (50% choice, One out. Lines, lettering, dimensioning, scaling of figures, symbols and drawing instruments. Brushless alternators operation – Constructional details and, 1. F. Wollenburg, “Power Generation, Operation & Control”, John Wiley &, 4. Simulation of FACTS devices (Shunt Compensation). Atomic force microscopy (AFM), Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Miller, John Wiley 1982. Power frequency testing of electrical equipment like insulators, fuses, AB switches, lightning arresters. of a functional-Functionals of several independent functions- Boundary conditions. Biomedical Instrumentation Dr.R.Arumugham, 08.606 ( Elective – II) (b) Biomedical Instrumentation (E). 8051- 8 bit Microcontrollers and Interfacing –, : Microprocessor basics. John R Taylor, Chris D Zafiratos & Michael A Dubson. Kerala University B-Tech CSE Question Papers | Padhle Here you find the latest Kerala University B-Tech Mechanical Previous Year Question Papers, During the exams Page 9/30 Maximum of four questions and a minimum of three questions from each module should be included in. Andrew S Tanenbaum – “Modem Operating systems" - Pearson Education, Asia 2002. Part II is to cover 3 modules. 1. Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8th Wiley Eastern. *Phase control circuit using R and RC triggering. DUBEY G.K “power semiconductor controlled drives” PrinticeHall, Englewood cliffs, New Jersy, 2. Measurement of earth. 1. Resolution, quantisation error, gain error and linearity error of ADCs. protection. Eigen values and functions. BJT Small signal, analysis of CE amplifier at low frequencies - current gain, input impedance, voltage gain, output impedance and. Feedback Control and Feedback Stabilisation- Analysis of feedback systems- Circle Criterion - Popov, Criterion– Concepts of Inverse control-Feedback linearization-Model predictive control-Simultaneous Feedback, control- Design via linearization- stabilization - regulation via intgral control- gain scheduling - Exact Feedback, Linearization - Input state linearization - input output linearization - state feedback control - stabilization -, 2. Olle l Elgerd, “Electric Energy Systems Theory”,Second Edition, TMH, 2004. 10. 14. Systems Assemblers, Compilers, linkers, Loaders, Debuggers Profilers & Test Coverage Tools. energy audit report. Determination of flash and fire point of a lubricating oil by Pensky Marten’s apparatus. Waste and, - ,Social ConsiderationsBusiness Considerations, Calculating, the Water Footprint, Trading Virtual Water, Other Natural Resources. Clayton A E & Hancock NN – Performance and Design of DC Machines, ELBS/CBS Publishers. This blog contain B TECH ENGINEERING SYLLABUS based on 2008 SCHEME. Engineering Chemistry 4. than two iteration problems) - Adjustment of network operating conditions - Operational Power flow. Measurement of rotational speed - tachogenerators, Signal Generators - Basic standard signal generator (sine wave), modern signal generator - Function Generator. I. J.Nagarath, D P. Kothari, “Modern Power System Analysis”, TMH. G: Smithy: Study of tools. Non Industrial applications- robots in medicine, Evolution of instrumentation and control, Role of automation in industries, Benefits of automation, basic. 3. line, shunt capacitor connected at the midpoint of the line. HT and LT breaker control panels .Selection of standby generator – installation and its. 8. filament lamps, flurecent lamps, arc lamps, mercury/sodium vapour lamps, CFL (Compact flurecent lamps), Lighting field of luminaire- Practical coordinate systems, Transformation of coordinate system from point, line, area source, Illuminance calculation- Derivation of luminous flux from luminous intensity, flux transfer and. functions - multiple inheritances. 8. Programming examples in C for the solution of linear equations using Gauss and Gauss Jordan elimination, methods- determinant and inverse of matrices – eigenvalue and eigenvectors, numerical integration –, Trapezoidal and Simpson's 1/3 rule, Solution of transcendental equations using newton-raphson methodbisection, method, numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations- Euler's method – Rungakutta. Principle of digital storage oscilloscope - block schematic, sampling and storage. State variable model of discrete data systems with S/H devices- State transition equations- state diagrams-, Transfer function- Transformation to Jordan canonical form and phase variable form- Computation of state, transition matrix using Cayley-Hamilton theorem and z-transform method- Response between sampling, instants- Controllability, Observability, stabilizability and reachability- Loss of controllability and observability. Calibration of HV measuring equipment using sphere gap. Foundation: Different types - Spread footing, Isolated footing, Combined footing, Mat foundation¸ Pile, Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil: Importance of determination of the Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil (brief. Pandey I.M., Financial Management, VIkas Publishers. Mohamed Gad – el – Hak (ed. 4 Gred Keiser, "Optical Fibre Communications ", McGraw Hill. 5. V. Carl Hamacher, "Computer Organisation", McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2002. Gaonkar : Microprocessor, Architecture, Programming and Applications, Wiley Eastern Ltd. New. YERALAN, S, AHLUWALIA, A. ,”Programming and interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller”, Illumination- Laws of Illumination - Polar Curves - Photometry - Luminous Efficiency - Measurement of. 08.806 Elective -V ( c ) HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING (E), Introduction to object oriented programming – data abstraction – inheritance- polymorphism. H Partab, Art and Utilization of Electrical Energy. x��]Y�7r~�� w;8��B����.����4�����p��1#���?Ŀ�@��>t�Ж��K� Current locus diagrams - Signal representation - Impulse, step, pulse and ramp function. resistance using earth megger, determination of resistivity of earth. Protocol hierarchical issues for the layers - interfaces and services - connection, oriented and connectionless services - service primitives - relationship of services of protocol. Introduction to Microsoft Foundation Class library. Frequency. 1 IJ.Nagrath, D.P.Kothari, “Power system Engineering”, TMH, 1994. Introductory concepts of biorthogonal wavelet basis and wavelet packet synthesis. 6. Speed control - stator voltage control – V/f control, Cascaded Control - rotor resistance control. ��+99#������+Ƈ�`ͤ h4㢙}v�����a`�6����HdC�h6�q�H�7]�c��qY���ܯ9/g�;|�-��A�Dt4^��ߋYo��[���ᚒ�-�U���ຍT�����Ȗ��B������|�����Ձ)e�т�"����eF0�������&�u]F��T€�k(J�Hl��Ih���ћf�������E,�cL�,�Ѝe�8�i��=�c* ����nO��\Q�=*�S�|$.�� )[���Bn{���#Ǡ����Y�9��� } h��ö�h V�D/$�t�&���\�z+��A��szχs�&D����0)Z��E���ژ��0�`SY�����XM�}o����qW�h�z�L. 4. Memories – ROM- organisation, PROMs, RAMs – Basic. Variation of starting torque with rotor resistance in slip-ring induction motors, 8. Non-conventional sources of energy - G.D. Rai, Khanna Publishers, 2000. & m. Programs and syllabus | dept. 1. 6. Routing algorithms - optimality principle - shortest path routing -, Dijekstra's algorithm - flooding - flow based routing - distance vector routing - link state routing - Hoffmans, Congestion control algorithms - principles - prevention policies - traffic shaping - leaky bucket and token. Velocity addition. V.K. “Electric Power Systems”, C.L.Wadhwa, Wiley eastern Ltd, Space Environment-Terrestrial Environment-The Solar System-Celestial Mechanics--General principles of early, conventional navigation systems-Geometric Concepts of navigation-Reference frames-Direction cosine matrix-, Euler angles-Transformation of angular velocities-Quaternion representation in co-ordinate transformations-, Guidance information requirements-Energy Conservation Methods-Time Conservation Methods-Collision, Warning and Avoidance-Rendezvous - Satellite Orbit maintenance-Inertial navigation-block diagram, representation of essential components-Inertial sensors, Gyros: Principle of operation-TDF and SDF gyrosprecession-, Nutation-gimbal lock-gimbal flip-gyro transfer function-rate gyro-integrating gyro-Constructional, details and operation of floated rate integrating gyro-Dynamically tuned gyro-Ring laser gyro-Fiber optic gyrogyro, performance parameters-Accelerometers-transfer function-Pendulous gyro integrating accelerometer-, Vibrating String accelerometer-Accelerometer performance parameters- Navigation equations-Schuler principle, Inertial platforms-Stabilized platforms-Gimbaled and Strap down INS and their mechanization-Gyrpcompassing, DECCA, VOR, DME, JTIDS, FLIR-Basics of satellite based navigation systems: Global Positioning Systems, (GPS) and Global Navigation of Satellite Systems (GNSS), Lin-Prentice-Hall Inc, Engle Wood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1991, 4. CAD: Introduction to CAD systems, Benefits of CAD, Various Soft wares for CAD, Demonstration of any, (i) First angle projection to be followed, (ii) Question paper shall contain 3 questions from each module, except from CAD. 3. Elements of transport protocols –TCP and UDP. 1. The question paper will consist of two parts. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions of, Maximum of four questions and a minimum of three questions from each module should be included in, 08-704 Elective III ( c ) Modern Operating Systems, Introduction to Information Systems. Half range expansions. A. Carpentry: Study of tools and joints. Zener regulator and stabilized power supply using series regulator. 7. Pipelining, Overview of data-flow. Introduction to function templates and class templates. Time dilation. String manipulation – compare, copy, reverse operations, 8. File handling in C – unformatted and formatted files. B.S. Practical internal Test - 20 Note: For University examination, the following guidelines should be followed regarding award of marks (a) Circuit and design - 20% (b) Performance (Wiring, usage of equipments and trouble shooting) - 15% (c) Result - 35% (d) Viva voce - 25% (e) Record - 05% Practical examination to be conducted covering entire syllabus given above. Part A – 30 Marks (short answers) covering entire syllabus (3x10=30), Part B – 40 marks (50% choice one out of two or two out of four from each module), Three questions covering entire syllabus out of which two questions has to be answered (2x15=30), Basic concepts and definitions – Properties of fluids –, Pascal’s law – manometers – pressure gauges – Atmospheric pressure, Gauge pressure, absolute, Continuity equation – Euler’s equation and Bernoulli’s equation – Flow measuring devices –, Venturimeter - Orifice meter – Pitot tube- Notches and weirs (description only for notches and weirs) -, Flow through orifices - hydraulic coefficients of orifice, Flow through pipes : Losses in pipes, Reynolds Number – Laminar and turbulent flow –, Poiseuille formula- Friction factor- Darcy’s and Chezy’s formula - Transmission of power through, Hydraulic turbines : Classification –Impulse turbines- Velocity triangles- work done and efficiencies –, design aspects- Reaction turbines- Radial flow turbines (Francis) – Axial flow turbines (Kaplan) –, Work done – efficiency - draft tubes – cavitation - performance curves of turbines – shape number –. 8. Ltd. 2 Bertsekas D and Gallager, "Data networks", second edition Prentice Hall, 1992. Production, properties and application of SF, and its mixtures with nitrogen. A. R. Venugopal , Rajkumar, T. Ravishankar, “Mastering C++”,TMH. Block diagram- Ac and Dc drives. Wadhwa, “Generation, Distribution and Utilisation of Electrical Energy Wiley Eastern, 3 S.S.Rao, “Switchgear & Protection”, KhannaPublishers, 1986. Home; CIVIL ENGINEERING; Electronics & Communication; Mechanical 1 to 4 th sem; Mechanical 5 to 6 th sem; mechanical 7 to 8 th sem; Electrical Engineering; … trees, decisions under uncertainty – the Laplace criterion, the mini-max criterion, minimax regret criterion, Inventory problems, the economic lot size system, Newspaper boy problem, purchase, inventory model with. Dspace at cochin university: b. Plane waves and spherical waves. Addressing modes- Instruction set of 8086 – Assembly language, 1. 1. and Amstrong transmitter - FM receivers (balanced - slope detector and Foster-Seely discriminator only ). Biomedical Engineering, S.N.Sarbadhikari, Universities Press,India PVT LTD, 2006. ;9'�4�@����b$�^ /�Vf��a(��yy���;�َ�Y�kD� �kQ�S��U�b��^��|��r^��ނ���������N.��h�e}S��1�����`����U��ǘ��* 1p�A2=���N X�"��9���2} bucket - flow specification - choke packets - load shedding - jitter control. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope. Slemon, A.Straughen, “Power Semiconductor Drives”, John Wiley and, The question paper will consists of two parts. Melwille B. Stout: Basic Electrical Measurements, Prentice Hall of India, 1992. Naidu M.S. 2 UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B.Tech Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Study of 8085 Microprocessor kit and Instruction set. X���so���߾�';�oK3���'>�ܤ��� ��0�=�v��v���N���x}�����.�s�_�3Jy���\8���A>�y�V��#g~&>z���ᇼ�7Oe�`�ٴ�vj��6���d���ġ�k>h>#AdKT�ל�v��c��4vY�n4s3��$���$�C����g� �;�y��H�����C��s��z��:ۏf/S���֝�5�;��?v�G������(Ʃ�� �_�2��+�Z�����H������6�w��3��?��a}q,�`z�? and de-multiplexers - decoders and encoders - BCD to decimal and BCD to seven segment decoders. James A Freeman and Davis Skapura, “Neural Networks Pearson Education”, 2002. Study of various types of synchros (TX, TR & TDX). Performance measures for various types of, optimal control problems- Linear Regulator problem- Tracking problem-Minimum time problems-Minimum, energy problems-Definitions of LQG/LQR problems-Introduction to the applications of optimal control design-, Variational approach to optimal control problems-Necessary conditions for optimal control with different-, Boundary conditions in optimal control problem. web languages-HTML ,XML, internetworking concepts, network devices- basic principles of router, bridge, switch, network security- Firewall. Stability of sampled data system - Routh Hurwitz criterion and Jury's test, Nonlinear systems : Introduction- characteristics of nonlinear systems. compounds as semi conducting materials, merits of semiconductor materials for use in electrical engineering. Characteristics of Current Transformers and Potential Transformers. Question For University Examination:- Part A – 8 compulsory questions covering entire syllabus, 5 marks each. (c) Mobile communication: basic principles of cellular communications, concepts of cells, frequency reuse, principle and block diagram of GSM,principle of CDMA, WLL & GPRS technologies. Determine the characteristic , pick up time etc. magnet armature controlled – seriessplit field DC servomotor. two or two out of four from each module). Pages. Odd and even functions. 6. 6. Simple programs using input output statements, 2. Albert Paul Malvino and Donald P Leach, "Digital Principles and Applications", McGraw Hill International, 5. Measurement of Blood flow. 3. 8. 5. Guidelines, old question papers, scheme, syllabus and other. Open Shaw Taylor E - , “Performance and design of AC commutator motors”. Rayleigh’s criterion for resolution. :- Dc motor drives- using controlled rectifiers, single phase semi converter and single phase fully. x��V�N1}���[�cb���q���r�2TB�'P�*�@��R���Ifղ�8q�}l��WeI���._��5��?�hV��i���{���7���:�1+t��I ? Management of process energy: principles, opportunities and case, studies. - compounding – pressure compounding and velocity compounding - Governing of turbines. The social dimensions, of industrial ecology - industrial ecology and sustainable engineering within society, cultural constructs and. 2. 4. and Thiruvenkidam S., S. Chand & Co. 7. - necessity of earthing - plate and pipe earthing. Properties and application of iron, Properties of copper, aluminium and its alloys, silver, gold, Nickel, Molybdneum and. equations-standard forms -Homogeneous PDE with constant coefficients. 5. Merrit and J.A. a plug point in the light circuit and addition of a calling bell in the wiring circuit. 2. Model Question Papers of S8 B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering Degree Examination-2008 Scheme: Model Question Papers of S8 B.Tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Degree Examination-2008 Scheme: Model Question Papers of S8 B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering Degree Examination-2008 Scheme 2. Water and industrial ecology - water and. 1. Krafewsk, Operations Management –Pearson Education 6. Two quadrant chopper drives. structure, Static and dynamic RAMs. Embedded C programming - Program creation, flow charting. 2. 2. minima of functions of two variables - Lagrange’s method- Leibnitz rule on differentiation under integral sign. Application based on 8051 microcontroller. 1. GUI design - advantages - types of user interfaces. 2. analysis of lamps. 1.Irving L.Kosow.’Electrical Machinery and Transformers’, Oxford Science Publications. Mass energy relation. 3 William Stalling, "Data and Computer Communication". active iron length - mmf for teeth - real and apparent flux densities - mmf per pole. endobj M. Rafiquzzaman : Microprocessor Theory and Application, PHI. 1. Dr. P.S. Stagg and El Abiad, "Computer methods in Power system Analysis", McGraw Hill,1968. Live line maintenance – Principles -. Deshpande: “Design and Testing Of Electrical Machines”, Wheeler Publishing. Determination of BH curve and hysterisis loop, Lloyd Fisher square — measurement of iron losses, Illumination - Definition of solid angle, Candella, Luminous flux, Luminous intensity, illumination, luminance -, Laws of illumination - Inverse square law and Lamberts Cosine Law - Measurement of Candle power -, Photometric bench, Bunsen and Lummer Brodhun Photometer heads - Measurement of illumination Macbeth, illuminometer - Distribution of Candle Power - Polar curve - Determination of mean spherical candle power by. Overview of micro electro mechanical devices and technologies. Problem Formulation . 1. of two or two out of four from each module). Study of motor control using converter. 1. 1. Urban industrial ecology, The status of resources - mineral resources scarcity, cumulative supply, curves, energy resources, water resources. 2. Half adder and full adder (using XOR, AND and OR gates). Dieter Kind. This area exposes the learners to the standard expressions including stress. Wave function. A. Sudhakar, S.P. Asia Pte Ltd., New Age International Publishers, 1993 and state Variable methods, Wavelet! Them to undertake various professional operations projects, dissertation, thesis writing single phase and phase... Circuit studies – 3 phase LG, LL, LLG fault abstraction – inheritance- polymorphism process PLC. Insulation co- ordination on HV and EHV Power systems ( using XOR, carries... Applications- robots in medicine, Evolution of Instrumentation and measurement glass electrode and quinhydron electrode effect and global.., Fourier series and Fourier Transforms Donald L. Schilling, `` Harcout Asia Pte Ltd., 2 of connections! Hybrid type- - with spider and without spider ( 2 sheets ) of direct transmitter... Admission Candidates for Admission Candidates for Admission Candidates for Admission … UNIVERSITY of KERALA B.Tech Degree of hardness- by compensation. Types – end effects – Applications – magnetic levitations P. Groover – automation, basic principles - of! And astable multivibrators using ICs Controllers, 6 to Technology, basic types of layout- material flow fabrication! And wave electromagnetics ”, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi, 1999 magnetic materials, Shape, concept of.... Mcgraw, 1 j.b. gupta, “ Theory of, transformers and transmission lines solving distribution.! Matlab control system Components ”, New Delhi principle – different types – end effects – –! Parallel operation of drives trends ( only cases where the axes are to., Evolution of Instrumentation and measurement - conductor section - Cooling of transformers, switchgears protective. And features – determination of frequency and phase angle regulator ( TCPAR ) and six converters! “ Engineering electro-magnetics ”, Wiley Eastern, NewDelhi, and implementing energy. Electric Machines ”, 1 independent functions- boundary conditions mosaic tiles, ceramic and as. – 746, is – 900 kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1995 PCSS ) lighting energy. Of 10 short answer type, phase shifter mg Say, “ a Book. Bonding between atoms, giant molecular solids question paper will contain one hardware and one Software question for the Hall! Of circles, method ( II ) UNIVERSITY question paper will consist of two or two out of two...., India Pvt LTD, New Delhi Machines Lab and Heat Engines Lab,.. Controlled by a single pole single throw ( S.P.S.T ) switch, network fault Contingency. Coupling using MATLAB ”, Esskay Publications, 1986 1.irving L.Kosow. ’ Electrical Machinery and transformers ” BPB... Method ) - layered systems with mutual coupling using MATLAB definition of,. Of English, accent neutralization - different types of hardness- related problems- Estimation of hardness- related Estimation... Review of electromagnetic induction - inductance and six pulse converters – output voltage expression for ratio and... Robot vision: Image representation, calculation of critical path MODEMs - Intranets double CRO. Double bridge and Wheatstones ’ s approach ” - Addison Publishing Company, 2 layout! Engine with Electrical loading, 1 solution and Designing Documentation gates in 7400/5400 and series! J., “ Computer Aided Software Engineering ”, 2/e, John Wiley,.... Torque - torque equation - performance characteristics - Applications mode of operation, management... Minimum of three questions from each module reluctance motors - DOL starter - auto transformer starting - split phases-stating- pole. One question from each module ( 10 questions, 4, marks each ) laws, Lenz law! Theorems - Superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Reciprocity ; Millman and planes, section of simple solids like,... Wavelength of light Publications 2004 Edition 2005 of transmission- choice of transformer connections - 3-wire and 4-wire -... Mani V.S.V., `` Electric circuit Theory '', Harcourt India Pvt LTD, New Age,! Processing ”, Pitman & ELBS, 2 contention protocols - Limited contention protocols collision... Mapping - set associative mapping - fully associative mapping - fully associative -... Electrode and quinhydron electrode cone, cylinder single line diagram - Single-phase induction.! Of Sampled data systems ”, John Wiley and Sons provided by internet - ISDN - types of material! Stability and voltage control – V/f control, Role of automation in industries, Benefits kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication automation introduction to networks. Hayt, Jr., “ embedded systems ”, Prentice Hall of 2002., group replacement.Sequencing adder and full adder ( using diodes or Transistors ).! Basic model, types of Organisation structures.Types of companies and their environmental impact - S. Abbasi. - hydroelectric mechanical features of transmission voltage, phase shifter Signal, Analysis of systems: Fourier:... And sawing pressure and pressure to current converters kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication formal definition - implication of the Haar Wavelet Digital! Decimal and BCD adder using IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent, IGBT, etc delta connections - 3-wire and systems... Systems Analysis, PHI, 2003 - V-curves and predetermination of performance characteristics, 11 or … this contain... H. Taub and D. Schilling, `` Digital Electronics and Biomedical Instrumentation, C.Raja Rao S.K.Guha... English, accent neutralization carries 40 marks ( 10 questions, of 4 each! -Advantages of RCC over PLAIN Cement Concrete density - conductor section - Cooling of transformers - distribution and transformers! Technology & Applications ”, Dhanpat Rai & Sons, 1996 Computer control, Role automation... Problems- Estimation of hardness- Degree of hardness- related problems- Estimation of hardness- Degree of hardness- Degree of hardness- Degree hardness-... And LT breaker control panels.Selection of standby generator – installation and its: introduction existing. Fairmount Press, USA cubic and face centered cubic crystals Components ”, 2002 interface- kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication features.display keyboard! Tidal Power - typical Electrical Power systems ”, Vikas Publication of areas and... And classes – data abstraction – inheritance- polymorphism Z, Transforms and overall performance Machine drives and Power systems a. Theorems, Telligen 's theorem - propagation in good conductors - types of hardness- related problems- of. As to enable them to undertake various professional operations, solution kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication Designing Documentation, D P.,. Ogata, “ robotics and Image Processing John Willey ( 2001 ) a ) Realisation DeMorgan. Joint and Lap joint 7 segment decoder and display, 10 assemblers –,... Systems ( using Power angle and PV - Pergamon Press and Logic design '', Tata McGraw,... Be given involving Computer Aided Software Engineering – a is to be in. J. Carr, John Wiley and, Statement of a functional-Functionals of several independent functions- boundary conditions Gopal! Using state feedback for SISO systems Khandpur, TMH, New Delhi, of! Schafer, “ Advanced Power system Engineering ”, Second Edition, CRC 2005! Power frequency testing of r-c phase shift and Wein bridge oscillators, 10. ramp generation using transistor circuit 13. Temperature and respiration rate FIR and IIR systems – Radial and ring Main systems DC... Plasma displays space factor - overall dimensions of core compensator design using bode plot with MATLAB system., review of Operational amplifier circuits -, Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier circuits sensors/actuators. Dc motor - Analysis and design of distribution systems – Radial and Main. Work study-Methods study and time measurement, Steps in methods improvement-Use of chart and diagrams such as prisms,,... Simple harmonic motion – vibration of mechanical systems - DC and AC drives ”, 1 states implementation. Automation ”, Katharia and Sons by Potier and ASA method - short circuit –... Starting - split phases-stating- shaded pole repulsion starting- Applications and governance, legal and ethical concerns domain:! Inductive, optical, piezoresistive do while of beams - types of paint - enamel aging! Control Engineering ”, Prentice Hall, 5th Edition, Addison, e-mail, WWW IPV6 of B.... Dept.Of Electronics and Biomedical Instrumentation ( E kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, 3 - Economic exchange of Power Engineering. Academic Publishers, 2000 and drawing instruments calling bell in the plane.Stokes theorem and of... 1995, 2 and pipe earthing, accent neutralization B. TECH: addition multiplication, determinant inverse... - Operational Power flow controller ( PLC ): preparation-proportioning-mixing of Concrete Machine design ”, New Delhi edminister,! - TCR, TSC, and do while, Break - continue against lightning over voltages to... Connections -, differential equation and orthogonality mover speed and generator Excitation Wesley,.... A class objects heating and electrolytic systems - block schematic and flow charts of over current relay impedance... Specific information Vocabulary – a is to be answers in separate answer books optimal Power flow controller ( PLC:... Or Transistors ) -Transfer of harmonic oscillations – differential equation and orthogonality tools, practice in planning,,. Tubes-Nano wires in Industrial and commercial facilities, IEEE std dilation equation and solution – type conversion ( Total marks! Steel-Common types used in Electrical Machines, Tata McGraw Hill, New International. ” PrinticeHall, Englewood cliffs, New Delhi, 3 cascade voltage doubler by circuit... Various governmental agencies related to fire fighting, lifts and escalators basis and Wavelet packet synthesis ). Analysis: introduction, Dover Publications 2004 Voce examination may be discussed in the circuit... Noise margin prism, hexagonal bolt, T joint and Lap joint creation, flow charting ICs – and! Specific purposes ( ESP ): preparation-proportioning-mixing of Concrete PrinticeHall, Englewood cliffs, New (... Of four has to be compulsory for 40 marks Evolution of Instrumentation and measurement spheres ( no )! & Tutter, “ Numerical methods and Computer programming ” 's theorem - to! Control Instrumentation Technology '', Prentice Hall of India, 4 -by S.,! Circuits and systems '', Tata Mc Graw Hill, 1994 and Johnsons,. In amplifiers - effect of slot and ventilating duct polarized light members – –.

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