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I honestly don’t mind too much for now but I’m hoping it won’t get worse. Work-from-home cons It’s lonely. 11/03/2015 11:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Allowing employees to work from home, otherwise known as "telecommuting," is becoming a common human resources discussion. Nobody with a toddler to look after is more productive. Xx. I can honestly say that it has both pros and cons. Advice and questions welcome. That, and you have to be strict with your family/friends about your work schedule. Just because you're working from home doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want all day long. As far as friends are concerned, I'd have them asking me to do things very short notice and sometimes it would work but mostly it wouldn't because I needed to manage my time/hours for the week. It depends upon the person majorly to handle their professional life in a very good manner. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Surprising Pros And Cons Of Working From Home By Luisa | source:Here Sep 26th, 2020. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I finally had to tell my husband that when I'm working, I'm not home as far as he's concerned. I don't mean to be rude, but how old are you? I feel like it might be a super competitive industry, I work a regular W2 job remotely. Cookies help us deliver our Services. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's great to be able to spend more time with family, etc. Also I have 4+ years of experience in sales and customer service with some commissioned work, so definitely would love to hear from anyone doing online sales/customer service rep jobs. Being at home allows you to get extremely comfortable with your surroundings, to the point where you end up leaving them less, and less. I am an active user of beer money sites but I am looking to work online for an actual company doing part or full time. I have a plan to start doing online job only after a few years. I'd check that out if you want something soon. Although you will have calls and online meetings with your clients or team members every now and then, you will be home alone most of the time. It’s important to manage this, to save your own sanity and that … As with everything, working from home has its disadvantages, too. We hope to explore the pros and cons of working from home across the world. Pros & Cons; Pros and Cons: Working From Home. I loved working from home when I started doing it 2 years ago. I’m less bothered which is great. That being said, on the flip side I’ve also gone marathon months of 18 hours+ 7 days a week of pure obsessed productivity. You spend your time screwing around on the internet, watching movies, etc and before you know you've spend fours hours doing two hours worth of work. I’ve done a few different types of at home jobs (writing/editing etc) over the past decade. Zero cons for me. I still need to work at night when my husband can watch our daughter). Working from home: The pros, cons and potential pitfalls of it becoming permanent Surveys show a majority are fine with the workplace evolution, but employers will need to revamp policies This is something I will keep in mind and communicate with those close to me. Pros & Cons. no physical interaction with the office workers or awkward nods with strangers while going to a communal bathroom, temperature at home is way better than at the office, office felt like a sauna everyday. There are a number of reasons working from home is a great option for many small business owners. Less interruptions. Pros: Closer proximity to … Primarily for accountants and aspiring accountants to learn about and discuss their career choice. Offers greater flexibility for moms. Thank you so much for your input. Pros:- Working from Home- More or less flexible times (great if you're a night owl)- It's not needed to physically talk to any of your coworkers/supervisors for months or years- Depends on the job, but you can watch TV while you're working I'm an IT graduate by the way. Thank you for sharing your experience! They completely didn't understand that it's a job and I need to be working. There are pros and cons of this work arrangement, and there are also mitigating options. I was consistently making around $1500 a month for a while. Contrary to expectations of increased work from home opportunities, back in 2017, companies like IBM, Yahoo, Reddit, and Bank of America were … Working from the office I’d come in at 10, leave at 6, go to the gym, eat, reply to any messages around 8-9 and say I’ll handle it tomorrow. It sucks a lot but since I move around often it might be the best bet for me. "But I've adapted. Here we consider the pros and cons of working remotely. Make sure to have clear start and stop times and to try to have a dedicated room to work/co-working space. 4 'Cons' of Working From Home As more small businesses turn to remote workers, there a few things to keep in mind. It’s much more than just the allure of getting to work in your pajamas. It really is hard to ignore all of the distractions at home and work it like an actual job as if I was at work in an office. Also, there are plenty of Progressive WFH jobs open currently that pay up to $19 an hour and come with benefits. 100% Upvoted. I absolutely love it. I work from home. After a few months, I realized that I basically never talk to anyone. You still need to get your hours in. So just letting them know that I needed a bigger window of notice helped a lot. But I feel like working online this con might always exist... at least working in person I always got direct help from management; even if it still sucked was at least something. I like getting paid well, that's more than enough motivation for me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It … What do you do, if I may ask? Press J to jump to the feed. I don't make too much but for my countrie's currency it's quite decent. The fact that our car went kaput and we decided not to replace it … The work is light and I look over pretty basic stuff. Of course the main perk is working from the comfort of your home in general, but what are some things I should keep in mind? Currently working for Appen and loving everything about it except the repetitiveness of the job. Increased traffic: Reddit is the ideal site to focus your marketing efforts, as having smart mentions of your brand or business on Reddit can easily help bring in more traffic to your website. Yes, I stopped to eat a bagel, and I’m going to have more … Does that mean you guys will be "hoteling" where you no longer have a personal office/ cube and need to clean off your desk completely every day? How to start from the bottom? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Why working at home is both awesome and horrible Here's why working at home is both a curse and a blessing. Pros:- Working from Home- More or less flexible times (great if you're a night owl)- It's not needed to physically talk to any of your coworkers/supervisors for months or years- Depends on the job, but you can watch TV while you're working, Cons:- Paying 62,2% just for tax and health care & retirement (Central Europe)- Conversation rates (USD->EUR) could be better- You need to work a lot of hours to have a "normal" wage- Projects can end anytime- I'd say it's nothing you can do from now till retirement (approx 30-40 years)- No paid vacations, no holiday and christmas bonus payments, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cheers Reddit! Cons: Managers only consider the pros and Schedule early morning meetings and late night work. Pros: Able to take a dump during the middle of a conference call by putting your phone on mute. My husband has the same one and I’m totally jealous. Not having a long commute to and from work can save a great deal of time and money. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites. The past few months have left many people working from home, rather than going into an office like they're accustomed to.For some people, this is a dream come true, but for others who would rather go to a physical location for work, it's more of a nightmare. For example, you could work from home a few days each week, or you could work from a co-working space. The Pros and Cons of Working From Home November 30, 2020 Working from home can be an appealing career move. Not looking forward to commuting to the office. It is in the employee’s hand to choose the right thing for him as well the organization depending upon the pros and cons. He thinks I can watch our daughter and work at the same time - sorry, nope. I work for a small company as a sysadmin. I don’t know what you all but I’m enjoying working from home. You Might Lack the Self-Discipline Needed. Why put it on mute when you can just assert your dominance and keep it on? By cutting out this dead time, you can either impress your boss with higher productivity, or keep yourself fit by getting down to the gym. They’ll even supply a computer for a home office. I was already spending late nights in the office anyway. People seem to be happier and more productive. Share this article: The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. And another study reviewed data from job boards and the U.S. Bureau of Labor and found that the average remote worker saved $444 on gas, and spent roughly 50 percent less on lunches. I figured management is always s*** with online work (which it shouldn't be). Working from home can put you in a state of disconnect. At least now I get to see my family and not have to get out of my chair every 15 minutes and wave my hands like a moron to get the motion sensor lights to go back on. lol, do NOT underestimate your capacity for chill-mode when working from home. More free time, or just more time working? 8 comments. My firm decided they liked the WFH thing so they told us we could do whatever we wanted after this is over. Doing computer work burns me out but I try to remind myself I'm making real $$ while having to not deal with the in-person bulls*** i was put through in retail jobs. These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves. People who work from home part-time can save between $2,000 and $6,500 per year, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Low reliability and retention. Working from home makes a lot of sense when you're launching a business and have limited startup funds. I’ve sometimes spent 2 weeks doing 2 hours worth of work! share. My best advice / observations would be: Having a routine / schedule is huge. It was nice to have that alone time," said Hallam. Commuting – especially by car in dense communities – … Pros and Cons of working from home.. Pros: No commute, no physical interaction with the office workers or awkward nods with strangers while going to a communal bathroom, sleep in later, fewer people bugging me, eat whenever, better screens and chair, temperature at home is way better than at the office, office felt like a sauna everyday. The Pros of Working from Home. Pros-. Now I have impromptu 9am calls and work assigned at 7PM, there’s very little consideration for office hours anymore. Because in the office I get bothered every 30 mins about small dumb task that takes away from the stuff I actually need to finish. Ideally, have a good nest egg saved before abandoning a “regular” job for strict at home work just to cover slow periods etc. The pros is that I have nobody breathing down my neck or have to drive anywhere to get to work.
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