Corporate Responsibility

Quality of Life

AUTOMATION TMC's strength lies in its people. The people within the company are putting our values ​​into action and they who every day bring new ideas and enthusiasm to carry them out.

It is so important to human capital for our company, we focus on being the space in which our employees are positive working conditions. This involves receiving recognition and motivation, be treated with respect. This favor a healthy working environment and safe and generate professional and personal growth through training and shared experiences.

  • Training  

A priority of our company is the professional development, enabling us to provide specialized engineering service to the standards required by the industry. It is therefore of prime importance for our company to keep in constant training to our employees, thereby strengthening their knowledge and creativity and developing in them an attitude of service that can provide efficient solutions and thus added value.

  • Contributors  

The people who make TMC automation are the engine of our company. We put our employees in all our trust which results in a high commitment, responsibility, professionalism and involvement in their tasks. Our social responsibility policy commits us to our employees to respect their work, to provide equal opportunities, equal treatment, freedom of opinion and promote and ensure there is a healthy working environment, and related training and fair pay.

  • Health  

We promote healthy habits among our employees. Once a year a general health examination, which is to conduct a comprehensive health check, which also promotes good hygiene, nutrition and reproductive health.

The aim is to foster a work environment that encourages a better quality of life and where our employees grow as people and as professionals, for it also support our employees in their professional growth promoting advance their professional studies, adapting work schedules for that end.