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Technical service

  • ¿What brands specialize?
  • ¿What guarantee do I get to hire their services?
  • ¿Can we hire a periodic service that allows us to give our machines preventive maintenance?
  • ¿Opening hours?
  • ¿What is the geographic coverage of its services?

Electronic repair

  • ¿What type of equipment repaired?
  • ¿What brands of electronic equipment repaired?
  • ¿What powers and voltages repaired?
  • ¿Does it cost revision or diagnosis of equipment failure?
  • ¿What if I get warranty repair shipping team with TMC Automatización?
  • ¿What level of repair have, what experience have?
  • ¿How can I extend the equipment into your facility?
  • ¿Why should I repair damaged equipment, rather than directly replace it with a new one?