Automation of machines and production lines. 

Automation of machines and production lines.

Programming and / or re-programming of PLC, machine vision systems, touch screens, variable speed drive, distributed control system.

Integration and commissioning of the entire production line or isolated areas of the same.

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Some examples:

  • Modernization (moving brand and / or update only current brand) of PLCs, HMI and control panel generally making machine toilet paper rolls.
  • Automated metering system assembler machine cable harnesses, using PLC, variable speed drives, motors, sensors, among other components.
  • Automating making machine paper bags, using encoders, motors and variable speed drives, among others.
  • Reprogramming PLC in production line assembly for auto gearboxes, implementing poka-yok system.


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 Advantages of automation:

  • Increased production and improve the quality of their products, processes and staff performance
  • It reduces costs and time spent on corrective maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Efficient collection and processing of information


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